• From The Bunker - 7 Q’s With an Intern

7 Q's With Harry L.


Name: Harrison Laine

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

School: Harry is a class of 2022 graduate from Southern Methodist University. He received a degree in Applied Physiology and Sport Management with a minor in Sports Performance Leadership.

Fun Fact: Harry is a first-generation US-born citizen, his parents and other family are all from the United Kingdom

Post-internship career interest: Harry is interested in becoming an executive for a professional sports franchise or league.

Do you play golf?
What do you think is your most valuable or differentiating contribution to IAMGF?  
"My studies in college included taking courses over many different aspects of sports which I think will be able to help IAMGF not just in my marketing role, but in other areas as well."
The greatest highlight so far at IAMGF?  
"Lunch on the first day. The food at Cedar Crest is amazing!."
Advice to prospective IAMGF interns?  
 "At IAMGF, we are a family, so be willing and able to help your coworkers whenever they may need it."
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