• A Winning Partnership

CBRE and IAMGF - A Winning Partnership for Cedar Crest

On Thursday, December 16, 2021, IAMGF was announced as one of four Dallas-based nonprofits to receive a financial contribution from CBRE's Community Impact Initiative.  
The new partnership with CBRE is a testament to the significant work that IAMGF has been doing in the community in the last years. This grant will provide IAMGF with the opportunity to meaningfully grow and extend its impact in 2022.
“We’re so humbled and honored to be considered and ultimately selected to receive this Grant Award from CBRE. Because of CBRE, we will be able to continue to do great things for young people here in Southern Dallas. Specifically, this allows Cedar Crest to continue to be a catalyst in Southern Dallas by providing programs, internships, and scholarships for diligent students in the Cedar Crest and Oak Cliff communities,” said Ira Molayo, Founder of IAMGF and Director of Cedar Crest Golf Course. “I’m appreciative of the belief and encouragement that CBRE has shown by supporting our initiatives to use golf and golf-related programs to enhance the lives of young people.”
CBRE’s partnership will support IAMGF's mission of being a catalyst of community renewal and transformation in South Dallas through programming, preservation, and promotion of the Historic Cedar Crest Golf Course.