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    Who We Are

It is our mission to promote golf and its attributes to a diverse market; be a catalyst for community renewal and transformation by creating positive connections between cultures to effect beneficial societal change through the game of golf.

I AM has so many definitions and so many meanings. The beautiful thing about it is that it can mean different things to different people but what I AM means to me is… just everything that has happened to me in my life that has made me the man that I AM and the man that I AM becoming.

I AM is inspirational to me because everything that has happened to me that is good in my life has come from golf. Golf has provided a lot for me and to be able to have the opportunity to share that with people was really exciting to me. I get jazzed by that.

I AM means that I AM somebody…. I AM valuable… I AM a high-school graduate…. I AM a college student…  I AM a professional… I AM a golf professional…

It means whatever your mind sees and whatever your mind can see you can create it. That's the power that you have.

We want to share that with as many people as we possibly can. I want to share that with as many kids as I possibly can. I want to be that positive force that can create that movement of I AM and WE ARE and continue to push forward. 

Ira Molayo, PGA