• Schwab's Virtual Financial Literacy Course

 We want to thank Charles Schwab for the opportunity to partner with us and educate our Juniors about finances during this month dedicated to Financial Literacy.
Today we hosted our first Charles Schwab's Virtual Finacial Literacy Course and it was a success!
The purpose of this session was to introduce participants to the foundation of financial literacy: setting goals and making a plan to reach them. This session showed two videos, the first of which described how goals are achieved through planning, budgeting, and saving. Which volunteers and Juniors were able to discuss. The second video outlined the 50/30/20 rule and the recommendation to "pay yourself first" through saving.
Our Juniors and Cedar Crest Interns had the opportunity to learn from Charles Schwab's Volunteers and share their thoughts and experiences with their personal finances;
"Thank you for teaching us. I learned about automatic savings and that will definitely help me and my future."  - Trinity H.
"My parents didn't teach me about finances and I appreciate you educating me on this topic." - Cesar S.
"Thank you all for doing this because you're teaching us things we need to know and that aren't taught in school."  - Sydney N.
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