• Four IAMGF Juniors Move Up to Level 2 

On Sunday, October 1st the IAMGF Junior Program hosted its Fall I session Level Up Eventwhere juniors have the opportunity to test their skills and/or assess where they are in their skill development. Throughout the season they play from designated yardage and the goal is to shoot even par 36 from that yardage. Level Up gives them an opportunity to display their skills to see if they're ready for the next level, if they move up on yardage or if they stay. 
The four juniors moving up from Level 1 to Level 2 are:
- Jose Munoz (34) from 25 yards
- Penelope Holguin (36) from 25 yards
- Caleb Richards (34) from 25 yards
- Ian Debose (36) from 25 yards
José Muñoz: 
In regards to the experience on his first day in Level 2 class, he stated "It was awesome." as he flap his arms and jumped with excitement. In regards to Level Up, he stated "he was excited and thankful."
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Caleb Richards: 
"I'm happy how I shot yesterday. I really like playing on the course because I think it improves my game. I'm really happy about leveling up!"
Image 20231004 163838 991