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10 Q’s With Jamondra G.

Name: Jamondra G.
Hometown: Dallas, TX
School: Philander Smith College – Class of 2024

Why IAMGF? I felt that the foundation chose me. 

What do you think is your most valuable or differentiating contribution to your IAMAGF? Providing an intern presence in front of authority. I'm getting introduced to different people and representing the organization in different aspects.

Fun fact: Every single day I'm working on myself. For example, in my communication skills. Being able to communicate with hundreds of golfers, and their children and/or wives at the Golf Course helps me with that.

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Post-internship career interest? Initially work for someone until I get into a better place where I can become an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Advice to prospective IAMGF applicants? Come in and give it all. Be willing to learn and put yourself forward because if you don’t offer your voice they’ll never know, and these are the people and the place you want to do that.

One thing you would change or do differently? Open up more. Over the last two years, the internship helped me open up, now imagine how much further I would have been in my growth process if I started earlier.  

The part you would have skipped if you could and what helped you get through it? I had to take off one month because of Covid-19, I would have skipped the Covid-19 situation so I could be here longer to help the foundation and myself grow.

The greatest highlight at IAMGF? My greatest highlight with IAMGF was being able to speak in front of a conference of entrepreneurs and captivating that audience, it was a pretty cool deal.

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One thing about IAMGF that you didn’t expect before arriving? The level of customer service, on top of the product that we have in the golf course. Coming in here they already have great customer service, and I was just a tool to ensure that it remains like that or be better.

The thing you were most excited about when joining IAMGF? Being able to learn from entrepreneur personnel, like Ira who created IAMGF. To be under that guidance I was looking forward to it.












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