• From The Bunker - 7 Q’s With an Intern

7 Q's With Adaria W.

Name: Adaria Wade

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

School: Adaria is a rising senior at Texas A&M University-Commerce pursuing a degree in Senior Sport & Rec Management.

Fun Fact: Adaria loves drinking Herbalife tea!

Post-internship career interest: Adaria is interested in pursuing a career as a Facility Coordinator, Volleyball Coach, and/or Entrepreneur.

Do you play golf?


What were you most excited about when joining IAMGF?  "The opportunity that was presented to African American students within the same community I grew up in."

One thing about IAMGF that you didn’t expect before arriving?  

"I came in with an opened mind, so I can’t say I “expected” anything other than putting in work and learning/growing daily which is what this opportunity provides."

What do you think is your most valuable or differentiating contribution to IAMGF?  

"Being able to connect with everyone on different levels. This is a form of being versatile and/or being able to adjust." 

The greatest highlight so far at IAMGF?  

"The networking piece!"

Advice to prospective IAMGF interns?  

"Utilizing the networking aspect within this opportunity and being coachable—that’s how you learn from others and see things in several ways that are not your own."

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