• NTPGA Tour & Ronny Park Visit

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On June 20th our interns visited the renown North Texas PGA (NTPGA) and were greeted with a warm welcome that was followed up with consistent great hospitality and an enticing yet knowledgeable tour. The interns received the opportunity to play at both the Ronny Golf Park and the Jordan Spieth Family Foundations putting green. Putting there may seem easy at first glance but did indeed give our junior golfers quite the challenge, next was the tour of NTPGA, our interns received behind the scenes access such as a view of employees work spaces, interns experiences, and available opportunities, finally was the round of golf at Ronny Golf Park, which was relatively small but still gave that golf course experience. 

It was a magnificent experience from boarding the bus to departing back home, good vibes, and a learning experience making this foundation trip a blast!! The place was extremely eye-catching from the Jordan spieth family foundation’s putting green to the ronny golf park completely triumphed all expectations. 

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