• 10 Qs With Sydney N.

10 Qs With Sydney

Name: Sydney N.
Hometwon: Dallas,TX
School: University of Houston 
IMAGF Summer Intern: Junior Administrator 

1. Why IAMGF? The IAMGF is like a family I love the atmosphere and the so many different opportunities.
2. What do you think is your most valuable or differentiating contribution to the IAMGF? The most valuable contribution that I bring is my energy and willingness to learn more about golf and the organization.
4. Post-internship career interests? Being in the healthcare field or sports communication.
5. Advice to prospective IAMGF applicants? Work hard and apply yourself to this wonderful opportunity.
6. One thing you would change or do differently? One thing I would have changed was to join sooner if I could or been invoked in golf when I was younger at Cedar Crest.
7. What part would you have skipped and what helped you get through it? Returning to high school. I wish I would have stayed online, but in a way Covid helped me grown.
8. Your greatest highlight at IAMGF? Being awarded for completing my internship.
9. One thing you didn’t expect before arriving? Before arriving I didn’t know the organization. I went to Cedar Crest looking for a job not knowing any of the opportunities the foundation offers.
10. What were you most excited about when joining? Being part of the different tournaments and events, and meeting new people.
11. One memory within the foundation you will always remember? I will always remember my first day as an intern.

IMG 8061Summer 2023 Intern Lunch & Learn - Google Day at Cedar Crest