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    Empowering Youth

I AM a Golfer Foundation offers affordable year-round junior golf programs that aim to empower youth through golf and mentorship. It is our objective to introduce golf to as many youths as possible in the southern sector of Dallas and beyond.

We provide an environment that empowers youth and is centered around the love of golf and mentorship. We  will maximize the growth of our youth through the following efforts:

  • Creating a Competitive Atmosphere in Group Instruction 
  • Providing Mentorship beyond the Game of Golf
  • Developing a Bond with Each Junior Golfer

 To sign a junior up for the I AM Junior Golf Academy visit us at iamgolf.org.

Our motto is
"I AM… What I See Myself To Be"

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I AM Smart!

I AM Dedicated!

I AM Hard-Working!

I AM Amazing!

I AM a Golfer!