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    Our Plans: 2022

Thank you for joining us in our 1:1 matching grant challenge! Funds from the challenge will be used to advance the Programming, Preservation, and Promotion initiatives of the IAMGF. Specifically and in 2022, we will be able to:
- Grow our reach to more than 325 young people (2x our current reach)
- Engage and launch programming with at least 3 neighborhood schools
- Grow our PGA Jr. League to 60 participants
- Provide at least 18 paid internships including at least (1) year-round to area teens
- Grow college scholarship funding to more than $25,000 for south Dallas youth
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- Celebrate and honor the rich history of Cedar Crest  
- Agronomic initiatives in partnership with the City of Dallas

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- Expand the field and elevate the experience of the 2022 Dallas Amateur Championship
- Increase community engagement in the 2022 Friends of Cedar Crest Golf Classic
- Launch preparations for The Showcase at Cedar Crest (2023) 

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For nearly 25 years, LLBF has existed to create opportunities for people to reach their full potential, positively contribute to society, and participate in a culturally rich community.  Through the historic Cedar Crest Golf Course and IAMGF’s strategic initiatives of programming, preservation, and promotion, IAMGF seeks to renew and reconnect this under-resourced community with its culturally rich past.  Led by founder Ira Molayo, PGA, and a dedicated team, IAMGF demonstrates all of the qualities LLBF looks for in a community partner from vision to impact to efficiency and engagement.
Through a chance meeting with LLBF Director Steven Borick, who marveled at the sight of the unique youth development programming taking place and overall vision of IAMGF, the LLBF has now committed in turn to be a catalyst for IAMGF.  Similar to the big break Mr. Borick experienced in his career, the LLBF Challenge Grant and other supportive initiatives will undoubtedly assist the IAMGF in achieving its full potential and vision.  Creating opportunities for others and bettering the community around them is one of many synergies and shared values of LLBF and IAMGF that will allow us to multiply our collective impact as we move forward. THANK YOU FOR JOINING US!!
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